An overflowing toilet or leaking pipe is no small matter and must be addressed quickly to avoid further damage to your home or business. When looking for solutions to emergency situations such as these, you may be considering attempting a DIY fix on your own. Or perhaps even considering a plumber with no official license just to save a few dollars. Without the proper tools, certification, and knowledge, your best option is to hire a professional plumber.

Why Choose a Licensed Plumber?

Not all plumbers operate the same, and some may even lack the required documentation to perform a plumbing service. As part of the requirements to acquire a state plumbing license, plumbers must pass a background check. Working with a licensed plumbing company gives you a sense of security that you and your home are in safe hands. Don’t hesitate to request official documentation when a plumber arrives to work at your home or business. Most importantly, a professional and licensed plumber must also undergo extensive training in the maintenance and repair of various types of plumbing systems and the proper operation of the latest tools to perform these jobs. While some states use practical tests in the handing out of licenses, other states may also opt for continual professional education to prove proficiency. When considering hiring a plumber for your home or business, research the requirements for licenses in your state. This ensures you’ll work with a professional plumber that can easily detect and treat the problem right away, and get exactly what you pay for. Ideally, any licensed plumbing expert should be able to perform a repair or installation with little to no alteration to your home or business. That being said, accidents do happen, and yet another advantage of hiring a licensed plumber is that in the case of any damage to your property, most states require professionals to be fully insured for their work. This means that any damage incurred in the line of work is covered, giving you one less thing to worry about. A professional, licensed plumber is also a must-have for any remodel or update of your home and business. If an installation goes wrong, even the smallest of leaks can cause extensive damage with time, leading to a whole mess of issues down the road. Invest your money in an expert that can work with you to properly plan and place plumbing fixtures like tubs and toilets.

When are DIY Repairs Not Enough?

We understand that many plumbing issues can at first seem simple and easily treated. However, after some trial and error, you may find this is not the case. What you may not realize is the damage you could be doing to your plumbing system by attempting a DIY fix. The most common instance is the use of caustic chemical agents in the treatment of clogged drains. Not only is this ineffective, but can also corrode the pipes over time, leading to an array of problems. These chemicals are harmful to the environment as well as our bodies, so using them to treat your home systems is ill-advised. A licensed plumber is able to use techniques that avoid harmful chemicals, such as the use of a rooter to remove clogs.If a leak evolves into a larger problem, such as structural damage or severe rusting, replacement of the pipes may be needed. In a situation like this, a licensed and professional plumber is a necessity.

The Plumbers You Can Trust

If you encounter any of these problems with your home or commercial plumbing system, don’t hesitate to call the licensed and professional plumbers at H2Flow Plumbing. We provide fast, reliable, and effective solutions for all your drainage issues.