For some time now, there’s been some confusion about the difference between snaking and the method known as hydrojetting. The primary distinction is simply that snaking opens the line up, whereas the hydrojetting both opens and cleans the line. For persistent clogs, hydrojetting is usually the preferred method. The service consists of pressurized water being pushed through your pipes, which effectively clears blockage.

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Drain Services



The first step for any service, including drain services, begins with a thorough inspection of your plumbing system. From there, our trained professional plumbers work to detect the underlying cause of the drainage failure and then start planning a course of action that works for you.



Routine maintenance helps to create a long-lasting and healthy drainage system. Take the proper steps today and call the professionals at H2Flow Plumbing for drain inspections and cleaning. Even with proactive care and regular inspection, instances do arise that are out of your control. Corrosive cleaning materials, and aging pipes can all contribute to drainage failure. We know there’s no good time for a clogged drain, that’s why we offer our services 24/7, so you can rest easy.


Exterior Plumbing

Our drain service experts will work with you when installing or replacing a drainage system in your home or business to ensure that your new system is in the optimal location. If a drainage system is not installed carefully, it could result in the need for costly relocation further down the road.


Drain Repairs

If in need of a repair, our Five Star Plumbing experts can provide responsive cleaning and clearing services with the latest in plumbing equipment and drain cleaning materials that are certified friendly to your pipes and the environment.


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